December 11th, 2006
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Raleigh is getting into the Christmas spirit around town.
Two Hannover Square turns green for Christmas.
The Capitol Christmas Tree.
Dancing Cranes.
Is that an angelic patron of Yancy’s?
The waving Santa atop the Bloomsbury Estates’ Tower crane gets tangled in power lines..
Fayetteville Street.
Can you spot the hot air baloon?
Sparkly wreath.
Street scene.
Lincoln driving the Lincoln at Lincoln.
Xmas lights.
Another shot of the Chistmas Tree.
Streaming traffic on Fayettevill Street.
Look to the sky.
Anybody home?
Lit trees line F Street.
Tower cranes peek around buildings to see whats going on.
Collage of buildings and rooftops.
More wreaths.

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