May Progress

May 17th, 2007
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A few scenes from the month of May 2007 in downtown Raleigh.

Downtown Raleigh from the 19th floor of the Clarion Hotel.

Remants of yesterday’s rain.

Downtown Raleigh’s new Marriott hotel is starting to make its presence felt.

Enjoying the outside dining.

Evening above the Boylan wye.

Raleigh, Sir.

A new day begins in downtown Raleigh.

The RBC Plaza condos have matched the null of the Hudson.

A nice cluster of density.

Eclectically sound.

A tangle of tower cranes. A common sight in the triangle.

Looking out over Raleigh’s Warehouse district.

Amtrak makes a stop downtown.


Raleigh Times.

The state Capitol.

The new look of the southern end of downtown is taking shape.

Fayetteville Street.

Daylight winds down on Hargett Street.

Crews and crane work upon…something?

Feels like the big city.

Two Hannover Square enjoys its last full year as Raleigh’s tallest.

A late night train zips through Raleigh.

The new Marriott grows past the new convention center.

Wachovia Capital Center.

Block B crumbles piece by piece, in the name of Progress.

Magic hour passenger train.

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