Raleigh for January 2008

January 25th, 2008
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Forgive me for this rather uninspired RaleighSkyline.com photo series which covers that past month or so. I wanted to release something with the redesigned RalSky, and these photos represent what I had in the queue. Here’s to ’08!

Downtown Raleigh
Hmm…so do you go, go faster, or stop?

Boylan Avenue, Downtown Raleigh
RBC Plaza couldn’t be filling that bookend any better.

Raleigh View Road angle on a clear day. Bonus points for spotting the Southwest Jet.

Snowy Downtown Raleigh
The big snow of 2008! ..actually it was only sticking to a few surfaces that night, downtown.

Raleigh's Mayor Meeker
Meeker the Mayor.

401/70/South Saunders angle from Garner, which is hard to capture unobstructed.

Twilight movement.

RBC Plaza is much higher now than from this picture, near Louisburg Road and Capital Boulevard in north Raleigh.

Musical note birds?

Can I put Durham here?

If you squint, the new convention center looks almost done.

The tower crane for the “L Building” stretches even past West Davie street.

Fred Fletcher Park, downtown Raleigh. This would be a nice angle if you could elevate about 100 feet.

Parting shot from South Saunders, from an alleged snowy morning.
Raleigh for January 2008

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