Raleigh Eclipsed

February 21st, 2008
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RBC Plaza

I-440 Beltline traffic at sunset

Current skyline

Black and White night (Where have you gone, Metropolitan?)

The “Father and Son’s Antiques” Angle

Looking south down Fayetteville Street

RBC Plaza races to eclipse Two Hannover Square

Total eclipse of the moon adjacent to Wachovia Capitol Center

Raleighite Jogger

From Dorothea Dix

Looking south from the base of the Archdale Building

Martin Street, RBC Plaza

Urban Soccer practice


BB&T Building peeks at the lunar eclipse

Graveyard at Dorothea Dix

The New AT&T, sign.

Windows Explorer.

Roof to go.

Total Lunar Eclipse.

Lake Wheeler Road.

Downtown Raleigh at night.

Aerial of Interstate 40 and Raleigh skyline.

North Carolina State Capitol building dome and the moon (its a stretch).

There’s room for more towers!
Raleigh Eclipsed

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