Raleigh Skyline for March 2008

March 16th, 2008
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Two elevator shafts are visible within the condo portion of RBC Plaza.

Boylan nulls view of RBC Plaza.

Nightfall takes over downtown Raleigh.

My father-in-law waits at a signal near the Boylan Wye for another train to pass.

View from the Clarion Hotel of RBC.

Berkeley Cafe sign and a toothbrush in the window.

Purple lights illuminate Powerhouse Square.

Convention Center and L Building Progress.



The mystery angle in context.

Lightning brightens the sky near the convention center.

Belt of Venus envelops the RBC Plaza construction

Upward moving lighting initiates at the 2,000 foot tall TV Towers near Clayton.

Boylan nulls neighborhood sign.

From the Duke Raleigh Hospital parking garage.

Fayetteville Street views.

West at North condos receives a brick cladding.

Downtown Raleigh view near the Norfolk Southern Rail yard.

Overview of Raleigh and “the Hillsborough” site from the Clarion.

Kinsey Street.

Wake Forest Road and the growing Glenwood South skyline.

Norfolk Southern Locomotives rest at the Raleigh Yard.

Magic Hour.

Jones Street.

The sun reflects off of the shiny RBC Plaza windows.

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Raleigh Skyline for March 2008

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