Downtown Raleigh – August 28, 2008

August 28th, 2008
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I apologize for the gap between photo series this time around. Unfortunately, my 1Ds Mark III had to be sent to Canon for repair after only 4 months. I hope to have it back before Raleigh Wide Open 3.

Downtown Raleigh, NC from the Boylan Avenue Bridge.

Downtown from Dorothea Dix at dusk.

Southern end of Downtown from the roof of RBC Plaza.

Crowds gather to watch a Raleigh house move a few blocks.

The mysterious cabooses along Capital Boulevard in Raleigh are placed onto rail.

The shimmer wall on the convention center is finally on.

Raleigh house on wheels.

Clarion and Quorum at night.

Dorothea Dix view.

Fayetteville street.

Green light for the move.

More heavy lifting of large objects in Raleigh.

Dark and stormy night courtesy of Fay.

Perseid meteor streaks across the starry sky.

Panorama of the house moving.

Spotlight beams into the sky.

Second house on wheels.

Rare clear summer day from Boylan.

RBC Plaza with the crown illuminated at sunset.

Downtown Raleigh – August 28, 2008

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