Downtown Raleigh – September 29, 2008

September 29th, 2008
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This series mixes in some older photographs I’ve taken showing how some downtown buildings were previous illuminated, notably Two Hannover Square and the Progress Energy towers.

Citigroup Center and RBC Plaza?

Two Progress Plaza and Capital Bank.

Fiery Raleigh Skyline.

University Tower in Durham.

Detailed look at RBC Plaza.

South Saunders Skyline.

NC Capitol Building.

Peace/St. Mary’s Street View.

Last sunlight on downtown Raleigh.

BB&T Building on July 18, 2005, with its full original illumination.

Convergence of media and emergency crews.

Downtown Raleigh from Duke Health complex.

June 2005 view with One Progress, Two Progress, and Two Hannover with full illumination.

Two Progress Plaza.

Two Progress Plaza with lighting in 2005.

Southern end of downtown.

February 2006 view from Boylan Avenue with original BB&T illumination, coming on before complete darkness.

RBC Plaza reflects eastern Raleigh.

Golden sky reflects on downtown Raleigh buildings.

Looking up on original lighting of BB&T in early 2005.

Clear skies from Boylan Avenue Bridge.

Raleigh Firefighters stream water on “Hunter and Co. Painterswork”.

Raleigh Firemen descend ladder.

Raleigh Fire rescue.

Raleigh Police Car diverts cars away from scene of the fire.

Downtown Raleigh.

BB&T Building remains dark.

RBC Plaza balcony.

North Raleigh Louisburg Road view of downtown.

October 2004 view of downtown Raleigh.

Current BB&T Building illumination, missing setbacks, and turing on at 9:30pm.

Corner of Davie and Wilmington.

2005 view from Western Boulevard.

RBC Plaza.

One Progress Plaza illumination in 2005, now missing.

Sun halo on the edge of TS Hanna.

Mid-2005 view of skyline.

Quick gathering of downtown skyscrapers.

Downtown Raleigh – September 29, 2008

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