Downtown Raleigh Photographs for March 25, 2009

March 25th, 2009
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RBC Plaza with blue skies

Skyline from 401/70 south of the city.

Fog begins to consume downtown Raleigh.

Daffodils of Nash Square

In before it’s demolition (the Garland H. Jones Building).

Raleigh’s Acrocanthosaurus

Rainy day from Boylan

Spring is here.

Original mystery skyline revisited.

Martin and McDowell

Wilmington Street

Green Square progess

City Plaza Progress

Archdale peeks over the NC Legislative Building

Late day skyline.

Another impossible mystery skyline angle (thanks to Sam Lee for the location)

RBC Plaza from Nash Square

Terminal 2…I mean the new One Progress Energy lobby entrance

Lazy afternoon on Bicentennial Plaza

Corner of the North Carolina Museum of History

Bradford Pear blossoms in downtown Raleigh

Beau brings back her stick.

Downtown Raleigh Photographs for March 25, 2009

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