Raleigh for August 6, 2009

August 6th, 2009
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It seems like we’ve had rainy and stormy weather almost every day recently. That can be the theme of this series.
Lightning in the skies over downtown Raleigh

A rainbow meets Raleigh’s newest colorful building

Golden storm moves east at sunset

Sidewalk on Fairview road

Halifax Mall

Raleigh on the surface of Mars?

Wilmington Street

Double Strike


BB&T reflects on RBC

Lenior and Lightning

Fairview Five Points

BB&T, Wachovia, RBC

Raleigh lightning

Mars Closeup


Daytime strike

Wider view of the rainbow

Narrow rain shaft

Strike over the Wake County Parking Garage

Skyline from the south

Raleigh Convention Center

Clarion, Quorum, Parking

Two Hannover Square

Bolt reflects in RBC windows



The Archdale Building

Raleigh for August 6, 2009

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