Late August in Raleigh and the 24 Foot Tall Tripod

August 28th, 2009
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Frustrated by trees, power lines and other objects obstructing views around town, I decided to purchase the Manfrotto “Super High Camera Stand”. Essentially a tripod extending to 24 feet high, it should allow me new and unique perspectives on the city.

Several images from this series are test runs with this new tool.

Raleigh Sunset

Elevated view of North Carolina State Capitol Building

Crescent moon sets over the Renaissance Hotel at North Hills

Distant Raleigh Silhouette

Southern 401/70 View

High above Fayetteville Street

Gold tiles on the shimmer wall

Low aerial of the courthouse expansion site

Elevated South Saunders

Hodge Road exit on 264 Raleigh

Finally rising above all the wires at Peace St and St Marys

Lichtin Plaza

Elevated view from the Warehouse District

Raleigh’s Main street at night

North Hills “Midtown Raleigh”

City Plaza Towers

Gradient Sunset from the East

Elevated view over the Raleigh Convention center

One and Two Hannover Square

RBC Plaza

Late day towers

Elevated Panorama

The Bogen Super High Camera Stand in action

South Atlantic Fire Rescue Graphics on the window of the Raleigh Convention Center

Wake Co Parking Deck

Storms move East to West from Boylan Avenue courtesy Tropical Storm Danny

Marriott and BB&T

Cree now has logo signage on the shimmer wall in Raleigh

North Carolina Capitol Building at night

Fayetteville Street looking south (24 feet up)

Late August in Raleigh and the 24 Foot Tall Tripod

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