Raleigh Autumn Colors 2009

November 24th, 2009
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Wachovia Building at night
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Hillyer Church with fall colors
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North Carolina State Fair at sunset

Autumn Fletcher Park

RBC Plaza at night
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Oakwood Cemetery Fall colors

Tilt-shift on Cabarrus

View above the train signal at the Boylan Wye

Downtown Raleigh

BB&T and Marriott

Blanket of leaves

Mini Wilmington Street

Orange and Yellow on Hillsborough Street

Wake Co parking deck

City Plaza view of RBC Plaza

US Postal worker along St Marys

Swings at the State Fair




Dorothea Dix overcast day


Raleigh Railroad Tracks
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RBC Plaza peeks into Oakwood Cemetery

Fallen leaves on the ground

High over the brewpub

Downtown from Wake Forest road

Hillsborough St color

Captrust Tower at North Hills

Hovering over the Boylan Aveune bridge

Raleigh Autumn Colors 2009

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